Lots of hands-on learning taking place at school today.  Students were measuring with metres and went around the school to measure the length and width of hallways.  They worked well in partners.

In science this afternoon we were testing whether a square shape or an arch shape would hold more mass.  This was a little mare chaotic, but fun all around.  We also watched
Caine's Arcade to start the science lesson.  It is a great video about a boy who created this inventive arcade out of cardboard. 

I told the kids to prepare and start thinking about the city we will build in class after the Easter break.  We will keep testing materials to learn what kinds of materials and shapes are the strongest.  We need cardboard boxes or boxboard boxes (ie. cereal boxes) for our building.  If you have any at home please send them to school.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone.  We wore green on Friday to celebrate at school.  The "leprechaun" left a golden chocolate egg on everyone's desk.  I'm thinking the leprechaun didn't want to give up his gold coins---or he couldn't find gold coins :)    

This week is going to be very busy at school. We have Student-Led Conferences Wednesday from 5-8pm and Thursday from 4-7pm.  I sent home the schedule with your child's report card.  This is a nice time to come into the class to celebrate your child's learning.  The bookfair will be going on in the library during this time and the Kindergarten class usually has a bake sale at the front of the school.

We will have spelling words from the -ick family this week and only Problem of the Week for math.  We are now working on Measurment in math.  We worked on estimating and measuring in centimetres on Friday.  The students gave examples of "referents" for a centimeter.  Some referents (things "about" the size of a cm) include:  a pinky nail, the width of a pencil, a small pebble, a button, etc...  Knowing a logical referent helps students to estimate lengths acurately.

I will be away for a 2 day workshop this week on Thursday and Friday; however, I will be back at the school by 4pm on Thursday for the student-led conferences.      

Hello! I hope the kids are all feeling refreshed after their long weekend. The teachers' Convention was a great two days of learning for teachers. Even my dog Chloe looks like she's been doing some learning.
Hello Parents and Students!
Sorry I didn't update the website last week.  This week is going to be very busy and exciting.  We are having a special celebration on Friday at 1:30pm to celebrate Kateri Tekawitha being named a Saint.  It will also mark the renaming of our school to St. Kateri Catholic school.  It will be a big deal with important people coming.  We are hoping that parents can join us for this celebration.  We are also asking that all students dress up for this day.

We will have spelling words, math minutes, and POW this week. 

I've noticed that students are not returning library books by our library day.  I will remember to put in in agendas on Monday.  Your child should also be reading each night for home reading.  They can return that book when they are done and exchange it in the morning for a new one.  If you have your own books at home for this, that is fine as well.  

Have a great week!
Mrs. Hair
Hello Parents and students!
Thank you to all of my students for their hard work last week preparing for the Trickster Show.  I'm not sure which parents were able to join us for the production, but it was amazing.  The school video taped the production and once I know more details about how we can see the video, I will let you know.  It is quite impressive what the kids can do in only a week.  Bravo!!!

I am away for a math workshop on Monday.  Have a great Monday, kids!  I will see you Tuesday.  We also have our District Faith Day on Friday, so there is no school for students.  Since the Monday, Oct. 8th is Thanksgiving, the students get a 4 day weekend.

Since it is a short week, we will only be having spelling words.  The test will be on the Thursday.  No math homework this week.  Next week we won't have spelling words and we will only have a Problem of the Week.  

Parents!  If you were able to catch the Trickster show on Friday leave us a blog comment to tell us what you thought. 

Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Hair
Hello Parents and students! 

Thank you so much for the kind words and encouraging comments about our class website.  I hope that everyone will keep visiting the site.  This week we have the Trickster Theatre company at our school.  It is going to be very busy and our schedule will be very different than usually.  We will have to change around parts of our day, and there will be no library, music or P.E. in the gym.  We will get outside and do DPA throughout the week.    Hopefully your child has some books to read at home for home reading. 

I expect to see some home reading rainbows soon. If you cannot find yours at home, just write a note in the agenda and I can send another one. The kids love getting a prize for reading.

I decided to do both spelling and math homework this week.  Although we will be very busy, we will still have time to do some word work in class with the spelling words.  I am sending a similar POW this week because I received a number of comments saying that students were not sure about the value of coins.  This fits in really well with the next few lessons in math which are about skip counting by 5s, 10s, 100s, and 25s.   
Hello to all of my students and parents!  Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your child's learning this year.  It is an incredible year of growth in Grade 3.  The students seem so young again here in September, but it won't be long before they soar as confident and independant learners. I hope that parents will take the time check out the website and comment on our blog. Students can also come on and comment as well.    Thanks for all of your support this year!  -Mrs. Hair